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              Propylene carbonate

              Basic Information
              Product name Propylene Carbonate (PC)
              Molecular formula C4H6O3 Flash point 128℃
              Molecular weight 102.09 Density 1.2047
              CAS No. 108-32-7 Boiling point 242℃
              EINECS number 03-572-1 Refractive index 1.4218(50℃)
              Viscosity 2.5 mPa.s (40℃) Melting point -48.8℃
              Product index
              Test items Testing standard Index
              Industrial grade Pharmaceutical Grade Electronic grade Battery level Battery class
              Chromaticity≤ Platinum and cobalt comparison 20 10 10 5 5
              Ethylene oxide (propane) ≤% Chromatographic detection 0.0800 0.0300 0.0200 0.0050 0.0002
              Ethylene (propylene) glycol ≤% 0.1500 0.0500 0.0300 0.0050 0.0005
              Ethylene (propylene) carbonate ≥% 99.5000 99.9000 99.9500 99.9900 99.9990
              Moisture≤ppm Karl Fischer Titration  200 200 150 50 10
              Appearance Transparent colorless liquid
              proportion 1.2047
              Product Usage It can be used as an excellent medium for high-energy batteries and capacitors in the electronics industry, and as a solvent and plasticizer for polymers in the polymer industry. Used as a plasticizer for adhesives and sealants. It can also be used as a phenolic resin curing accelerator and a dispersant for water-soluble adhesive pigments and fillers. The chemical industry is the main raw material for the synthesis of dimethyl carbonate and can also be used to remove carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide from natural gas and petroleum cracked gas. In addition: it can also be used in textile, printing and dyeing industries. Packing: 250kg galvanized iron drum, or according to customer requirements. It can be used as an excellent solvent for lithium battery electrolyte.
              Package 250KG galvanized iron drum, IBC ton drum, or packed according to customer requirements.
              Storage and transportation method This product should be stored in a cool, ventilated, dry place, and stored and transported in accordance with general chemical regulations

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