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We provide best sms marketing services. You can check on Google as there are various tools and techniques searches available which can help you to send bulk Messages. There are mainly two types of sms’s services are available in bulk sms’s,

1.Transactional SMS: Such as OTP’s, Reminders, confirmation’s, ticket booking alerts, delivery status SMS, appointments, campus updates of children etc.

2.Promotional SMS: This is also known as SMS Marketing. These SMS can be used to send information regarding new offers, new product launches.

There are two types of sms marketing services a bulk sms service provider based on price.

A) Unpaid(Free) SMS Services
B) Paid SMS Services

A)Unpaid(Free) SMS Marketing Services:

Send Free sms on any devices across Globe using Free SMS services.
Some of the Free SMS services:





1.Free Sms services
2.Send SMS to any mobile number.
1.Low delivery rate and delivery speed
2.Time consuming
3.Lots of Ads

B) Paid SMS Marketing Services:

Send various types of SMS/Messages across Globe.
Some of the Paid SMS API services are: (You can check prices of their services in the “Pricing” section of the website)
It is known for its performance driven messaging services and transparent pricing, with SMSHorizon, you can expect a very good high quality SMS services.

A UK based brand which is currently penetrating into Indian market in partnership with IMI Mobile which also owns the other Indian brand mvaayoo.

3. Solutions Infini:
Known for their branding and army of sales team, its notable to say that they’ve quite a lot of sales people around the city attempting to pitch their services.

4. Msg91
With a good number of resellers, Msg91 says, it provide a worldwide coverage with its service. They also boast of big name clients like Honda, PolicyBazaar and Intuit.

While they’ve got into the list for their high SMS volume through various users and resellers across India, its alarming to see their super low rates comparing to any other providers mentioned above, and so is the poor deliverability.

1. High Delivery Rate
2. Fast Delivery Speed
3. Various Formates of sms available such as Promotional, Transactional, etc.
In paid services you will find very less disadvantages. Sometimes bulk sms delivery system takes 5 to 10 more minutes to deliver your messages.

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